The NRG Plus Center offers a wide range of holistic products ranging from balms and oils to energy enhanced jewelry and crystals. Bath salts for detoxification are also available for purchase, as are eye masks and ear plugs for the ultimate in relaxation during sessions and/or home use.


Rio’s Relief Balm

$35 – $55

Rio’s Relief Balm is a handmade, topical, healing ointment that can be applied to the skin areas that have pain, such as sore muscles and joints. It is 100% natural, consisting of organic herbs and essential oils. Rio’s Relief Balm can be used on humans and animals.​​


Rio’s Relief Oil

$30 – $80

Rio’s Relief Oil is a handmade, topical, healing oil that was created to give your animals with long hair the same benefits of Rio’s Relief Balm, but it can reach the skin easier. Since the development of Rio’s Relief Oil, we have found humans have also had some incredible relief from the oil — most notably for skin problems and anti-inflammation relief.


Halo’s Healing Oil

$45 – $150

Halo’s Healing Oil was designed to help our rescue horse, Halo, with severe bony arthritis, tendon and ligament issues. Testimonials have shown that the Halo’s Healing Oil helps relieve pain from tendon, ligament and nerve damage. Halo’s Healing Oil can be used on humans and animals.


Fiona’s Formula

$55 – $190

Fiona’s Formula Oil was custom-made for a rescued pony that needed a very high-intensity auto-immune formula.



Available at our center

Selection and price varies on availability

Give the Gift of Healing

Looking for a thoughtful gift for friends or loved ones? Gift cards are now available and redeemable towards the purchase of NRG Plus products, services, or EESystem treatments.

To purchase a gift card, call NRG Plus at 224-654-6651.